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Tuesday, 16 May 2006
Open Letter To Congress
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Dear All Members Of Congress,

I am greatly concerned and upset over the reckless and abusive way our Constitution is being destroyed before our eyes, every day.

I just read where the status of the U.S. Department of Justice probe of the Bush administration's authorization of a warrantless domestic wiretapping program is now closed. The fact the Justice Departments Office of Professional Responsibility has just informed Representative Maurice Hinchey that they were unable to do their investigation because of being denied access by the NSA is a mockery to honest government
I have never been more concerned for this country civil rights, as much as I am feeling right now. That is only surpassed by the passing and heart felt loss many and I felt as the Patriot Act Bill, which was passed and then even re-enacted years latter, as it should have been sunseted. My letter to you is to say I am urging an investigation into any wrongdoing, and to urge you to support by backing Representative Hinchey in his addressing this serious mishandling of our, United States citizens privacy, by a part of the government mind you that is out of control in secrecy and civil rights violations. It is atrociously getting out of hand, as in this obvious violation case there are telecom laws that specifically deal with this exact issue yet these laws mean nothing?

I think in saying I agree with The Senate's chief critic of the spying program, Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold, who says that “the latest revelations have raised a range of new concerns about the White House's apparent disregard for the Constitution and specific statutes requiring that a warrant be obtained before tapping into the telephone conversations of Americans on American soil” we are lacking in any means to hold these crimes to be accountable and explained.

These are exactly my concerns and my outrage.
This is not what I expected from our “Elected Leaders.”
I am outraged most by the secrecy of this type of snooping and disregard to democracy and the well-established protocol of our laws and government.
In fact the sneaking around Congress or the FISA laws, with no approval or proper discourse being followed, makes this a crime in my eyes.
I would like it investigated at the least.
I believe we “had a Constitution” and that in the USA our government had a system of check and balances.
I see that Constitution is being destroyed, overwritten, and neglected and almost not even acknowledged.

Not to digress but I am equally ashamed and appalled about the flagrant and blatant abuse and torture of the detainees over seas due to this war.
That being especially but not limited to Abu Grab and also Guantanamo, and many others spread-out through Iraq, and probably even in secret locations too, which is known as rendition, which I am sure you are by now aware of.
And that too is covered up and denied and hidden by the CIA and our military. In Fact a recent report from Amnesty International states that one plane was first registered by a company called Stevens Express Leasing (SEL), then by Premier Executive Transport Services (PETS) and finally in 2004 by Keeler & Tate Management (KTM).
Amnesty says all three firms are front companies set up by the CIA. And are being used in rendition practices.

I am ashamed and outraged over the capture and imprisonment in prisons in Iraq and Cuba, of men and children with no trials
And with reports of prisoners being bought and then sold by gangs to the American Military as a terrorist, with no trial, and then held for years, that is disgraceful, and wrong.
That is not the America I am proud of; this is not how any American is to behave in this world, and I expect my country to act accordingly within the laws of the people..

The reports of humanitarian abuses being discarded with no accountability or military responsibility taken, is shameful and unacceptable.
Yet, as we know horrific actions were done and overlooked by our Forces with but a few, low ranking soldiers to hold all the blame.
In the shadow of this terrible war, I am reminded of Ralph Nader who was warning, “It will quickly become a quagmire”
I write to you now because, I am sickened by all the dead from our invasion.
The people and most innocent civilians, we have killed which is hundreds of thousands.
And “our loved ones that have been killed which is in the thousands”
And all those brave men who fought without even asking, “are you sure?” or didn’t ask why, because they trusted in their leaders
…We owe them the truth.
We owe them to stop this madness they are stuck in,
Where death by suicide or battle is the only way out.
I demand to my government leaders, that this fighting must stop now.

My cousin committed suicide due to this war in Iraq.
He couldn’t stand for what he once was…at one time; he was a proud Honorable US Military Teacher and a Leader from West Point
He was a ranking US Air Force Col,
Who would soon claim from Baghdad, seeing it all first-hand …
Exactly what we were doing there…and he said ……
It was “dishonorable what we were doing over there”

As he said "I cannot support a msn (mission) that leads to corruption, human rights abuse and liars. I am sullied," he says.

"I came to serve honorably and feel dishonored. "Death before being dishonored any more."

He then took his own life on his mother’s birthday,

I know he was disgusted with the US and our honor in this war!
I know I am!

He is not alone; at this very day the suicides amongst US soldiers are rising to high record levels.
My intention when I first started this letter was going to be out of my concern of the NSA spying.
And to bring my support and wish’s as a citizen forward to you
So you too could encourage and support Representative Maurice Hinchey on this constitutional breech.
I don’t like to drag my cousin through my tirade.
But he died because of exactly what I am asking you to try and do
“Please do, all within your power and position, all you can To Stop This War.”

This spying, lying, hiding, and disregard to honesty and forthrightness is a shame to this democracy.
You are in a position to fight for our civil rights like the real patriot we need today.
Like our proud ancestors and freedom fighters did to help build this great country,
You are needed, as they were, to help keep this country proud, safe, honest, and free.
With respect to the rules of the land we all abide in and the laws we all write, vote, and enforce is equal to all.
And that is freedom and justice to all and not just written for a selected few nor can be changed by just a select few.
That this is the “we the people’s laws and land and lives that need respect and protection.”
That is what I am calling on you to defend and protect

You are one, who also represent us the citizens, and I am calling on you to stand against US Military Sponsored Torture that is still happening to this very day!
These are in no-way acceptable conditions for Human prisoners and unacceptable that our leaders allow the military to treat people like they are.
They need trials and just sane treatment. I am appalled at the tactics such as water boarding and many other mind numbing tricks being done, like stress positions, and sensory depravation which are maddening sick tactic that do not work for extracting information but are continually used on prisoners.

And now with the newly added “signage” at the bottom of the Senator McCain’s Torture bill, it reeks with deception and fraud, of the people wishes to stop US led torturing.
Ironically that bill was trumped up as being wanted by Most American Citizens and people from all over the world?
And (finally agreed to by the White House) which seems deplorable on the surface, of them seeming to look and act like they were wanting to prevent the Anti Torture Law from becoming a law so that …they could Torture???
So at the last minute before the bill was signed, the White House had Gonzales insert some small print to “still allow torture during war times to be done by and if the president says it’s ok”
Or reasonable fact simile to that.
Correct me if I am wrong but that was a dirty trick and speaking of Leadership and Honor it is degrading to human rights and truthful government!
A back door to torture and not many are the wiser? How shifty how sneaky!

Spying on American citizens like in this NSA phone violation is one, but there is also medical record spying and library book record spying, and churches are spied on especially in the Muslim communities and the list grows every single day.
Not to mention the absurd spying on those in the peace movement who are non-violent and non-criminal, as in the recent FBI release of FOIA document about the spying on a Catholic priest Father Roy, who has been protesting the atrocities at the School Of Americas Training School and found out there are now files on him ….a priest
Are the main reasons although not the most or only reason I write to you today.

I also write to demand an end to torture and the senseless killing the USA is involved in, from this illegal war we declared by lies and deceit
I write to encourage and call for a restoring of honesty and integrity in our government leadership, where the people are protected and served, not the special interest of a few.
And most importantly “To Protect our Civil Rights from being eroded”
Just like this Great countries leaders did when their fellow citizens called them upon in the 1700’s

Doing so by holding accountable and then investigate, those that have violated what makes this country free and proud.
It goes without saying that I must then mention the crux of our problems today behind most if not allot of all this
I have one more issue that is not to be ignored as this list of issues revolves around this very topic itself.

There needs to be a full investigation in to what really happened on September 11 2001
There are way to many un-answered questions and things that don’t make sense about those planes and buildings, and our defense.
In that, it is all too secret and covered up for me to accept as the real truth,
And once again it’s the catchall word that is being abused and used called “Secrecy” (national security)
We need a real look into the real questions from what happened on that day
There is many questions that are not answered and still not much to this day, is really done for the truth on what really happened and how.
It needs to be fully dealt with …not white washed and covered up.

Thank you for allowing me to contact you
And thank you for any work you may have done on this subject of civil and human rights and this terrible war
And I would like to hear any comments you have back on these issues


~ joe anybody usa ~


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