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Wednesday, 26 April 2006
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Zebra 3 Readers, You have to fire off a very quick email to your State Representative by clicking

The following paragraphs I am quoting came from a email I received today....this first 2 paragraph sums up what pisses me off and I cant sit here and do nothing ....I clicked the link and sent my opinion in less than 2 minutes.

The current corrupt system skews public policy decisions that adversely impact our daily lives. As the scandals came to light last year, gas prices peaked over $3 per gallon causing serious disruptions to family budgets. The response from Congress was to pass an energy bill that gave more than $12 billion dollars in tax breaks to an oil industry that now reports record profits with no significant impact on short-term prices or long term solutions. The new Medicare prescription drug plan benefits the pharmaceutical industry more than seniors. The same can said for the bankruptcy bill, which offers more protection to credit card companies than consumers. The list goes on.

In the last year the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, state ethics agencies, news outlets, and government watchdog groups have all launched investigations into the actions of members of Congress who appear to have crossed the line between public service and self-enrichment. About the only entity that hasn't been looking into the Congressional scandals is the one primarily responsible to do so, the House Ethics Committee. The committee is paralyzed by partisanship and the reluctance of members of Congress to blow the whistle on their colleagues. Despite months of front page headlines, the House Ethics Committee hasn't even met to discuss a scandal in the last year.
(end quote)

Hurry and pass on some encouragement to your Congressional Rep!
The email mentioned also how ...

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former Representative Duke Cunningham (CA) are going to jail. Former top congressional aides Michael Scanlon and Tony Rudy are headed for the same fate. Representatives Robert Ney (IN) and Alan Mollohan (WV) are among those who are operating under a cloud and Representative Tom DeLay (TX) felt it better to step down than explain his actions to voters.
Wealthy interests buy special access to Congress via free trips, gifts, and meals given to our legislators. This diverts our tax money toward pet projects and away from adequately funded schools, safe communities, and public health. It is time to rein in the special favors and force Congress to put the public interest ahead of self-enrichment.

This Thursday, Representatives Christopher Shays (CT) and Martin Meehan (MA) will try to offer amendments to significantly tighten and enforce the House ethics rules that lead to the costly backroom deals. I say "try" because the House leadership may prevent them from getting a vote on the amendments.
(end quote

The suggested amendments detailed by Reps. Chris Shays (CT) and Martin Meehan (MA) that will need to get voted in would be... (quote)
Step one should be to establish an independent, professionally staffed ethics office like the one detailed in an amendment by Reps. Chris Shays (CT) and Martin Meehan (MA) with the power to launch nonpartisan investigations, audit disclosure reports, recommend sanctions, and hear complaints. An independent entity will have the credibility and authority to ensure members of Congress play by the rules.
(end quote)

So click This Here Handy Link and do your part to help end the corruption in lobbying and to help change laws that will hold accountable by ethics standards we all can be proud of
And help our leaders we elect to represent us, follow within the honorable boundaries that are just and set with no loophole or confusion. Click the link and help bring some Integrity to our Congress

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