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Sunday, 23 April 2006
Everybody is talking .....But White House still on a Crash Course
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As all levels of the military start to debate wither Russfeld is worth do-diddly I read this,
New York Times Article which said.....

A midgrade officer who has served two tours in Iraq said a number of his cohorts were angered last month when Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that "tactical errors, a thousand of them, I am sure," had been made in Iraq.

"We have not lost a single tactical engagement on the ground in Iraq," the officer said, noting that the definition of tactical missions is specific movements against an enemy target. "The mistakes have all been at the strategic and political levels."

You remember that Z3 readers?
Where she-devil is on the toilet?
It was from my Z3 Report March 31 2006
Their comments are in line with my point and yet you can tell there is disgust in the leadership gone wild and held unaccountable.

On the forefront of this topic of Rumsfeld, is that a human rights group has filed a criminal complaint in Germany against US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other top US officials

Joe Anybody thinks this Neocon, Rumsfeld needs to resign and be charged with war crimes!
You can read more here of that the Germany Charge -->

Also in the NY Times article the closing paragraphs state a good point about leadership accountability although he is soft on Rummy, the quote is by one of the Army field-grade officer...

Others contend that the military's own failings are equally at fault. A field-grade officer now serving in Iraq said he thought it was incorrect for the retired generals to call for Mr. Rumsfeld's resignation. His position, he said, is that "if there is a judgment to be cast, it rests as much upon the shoulders of our senior military leaders."

...on "SENIOR military OFFICERS shoulders is where it should be resting"
....ya its resting alright, looks like it was put to sleep!

And not so amusing, how about this quote way back in 2003 by Rummy and the War of WMD that was just beginning in Iraq?

When reporters asked in early March 2003 whether he was worried about Iraq becoming a "quagmire" (a question frequently posed in relation to Afghanistan), Rumsfeld responded, "I can almost promise you that someone in this room will say it's a quagmire."

See I also learned from this article --> RIGHT HERE "RUMMY BIO" that Saddam and Rummy were Chemical buddies .....read this couple paragraphs from the www.rotten site:

Perhaps the most memorable of these roles came during the Reagan administration, when Rumsfeld was named special presidential envoy to the Middle East. According to the Washington Post and others, Rumsfeld was a major proponent of the Reagan administration's support of Iraq and its dictator Saddam Hussein.
As a conciliatory gesture, the U.S. removed Iraq from its list of state sponsors of terrorism in 1982, paving the way for Rumsfeld to visit Baghdad in 1983, about the midpoint of the decade-long Iran-Iraq war.
At the time, intelligence reports indicated the Iraqis were using illegal chemical weapons against Iran "almost daily." During several trips to Iraq, Rumsfeld told government officials that the U.S. would consider an Iraqi loss to Iran a major strategic defeat. In a personal meeting with Saddam Hussein in December 1983, Rumsfeld told the Butcher of Baghdad that the U.S. wanted to restore full diplomatic relations with Iraq.
In 2002, Rumsfeld tried to put a gloss on this meeting by claiming that he warned Hussein against using banned weapons, but that claim was unsupported by the State Department's notes on the meeting.
As a result of the openings created by Rumsfeld's diplomatic triumphs, U.S. companies were recruited and encouraged, both covertly and overtly, to ship poisonous chemicals and biological agents to Iraq, by the administrations of both Reagan and George Bush Sr.. Care packages to Saddam included sample strains of anthrax and bubonic plague, and components which would be used to develop nerve poisons like sarin gas and ricin.
Content with this service to his nation, Rumsfeld hoped to return to his game of hopscotch between the public and private sectors. He toyed with a 1988 presidential run, but bowed out in favor of Bob Dole
(end quote)

Did I just read Rumsfeld helped get chemicals to Iraq?

Ya know after reading the Zebra 3Report.
You got to have strong guts.
Because this administration will make you puke.
When we continue to read about this war crime leadership and their dirty illegal and sneaky ways.

And then from within the ranks the churn of human concern and honest blind questions of from the men in uniform who work for the bums...,

And ironically enough, here is a link to an April 10-23 2006 Web post on Rummy's recklessness from a soldiers own words in his blog.
I just came across it.
Read it with fortitude, and the comments on Rummy's Woes, and the military Establishment was curiously relevant.

And the article on LOVE by this solider.....hmmmmmm
From the lips of those in the sand .......
click --> http://milblogging.com/listingDetail.php?id=1454

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