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Thursday, 20 April 2006
This administration continues to extremly screw up!
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So Joe Anybody writes about the bum Negroponte,
and two days latter he is all over the NY Times Front Page.
In an article written by SCOTT SHANE (found here)
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Two top lawmakers fear that John D. Negroponte, the director of national intelligence, is "just another blanket of bureaucracy, putting demands on front-line operatives and analysts."

Now this is no surprise to me!
As this administration will obfuscate all their spy information and pile it is TOP SECRET files and tromp all over the rights and all over the world, it comes as no surprise that their is claims Negroponte is just layering the levels of bureaucracy to protect the miss-use and abuse of what I call spying, but the Neocons call intelligence.

Z3 readers remember who this bum is from my previous post -->
Z3 Report April 17 2006 with a link that mentioned the following...
"With no other big building projects scheduled for Iraq in the next year, the State Department coordinator for Iraq is asking Congress for $100 million for prisons, while the Iraqi people languish with 3.2 hours of electricity daily in the average home, staggering unemployment and horrendous security, with most still dependent upon a monthly food ration.

Meanwhile John Pace, the Human Rights Chief for the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq until last month, recently stated that he believes the US has violated the Geneva Conventions in Iraq and is fueling the violence via raiding Iraqi homes and detaining thousands of innocent Iraqis. Pace estimates that between 80-90% of Iraqi detainees are innocent."

In the recent committee meeting, Negroponte told US senators he was seeing progress in Iraq. He said, "And if we continue to make that kind of progress, yes, we can win in Iraq."

Evidently the kind of progress John Negroponte sees in Iraq is not the kind that benefits the Iraqi people. Because the only progress in Iraq, apart from building prisons, is for the situation to continue growing progressively worse by deepening sectarian divides, despite the best efforts of religious leaders to create peace and unity.

Thus, does Negroponte really care if there is civil war?
Does he really concern himself with the wellbeing of the Iraqi people?
Or is his main concern creating the catastrophe which keeps them divided?

This is just par for the course, for a regime that uses terror to control & wage wars across the globe.
Its par for the course in cover up and waste.
Its par for the course when you have torturers's and criminals in charge of official office in our government, or in our security of our country.
Its par for the course to see America sit by, like a Statue of Liberty with a bag on its head.

Is there any end to all this ...


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Updated: Friday, 21 April 2006 2:02 AM PDT

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