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Sunday, 25 December 2005
Viet Nam Page and Christmas Thoughts
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Christmas in Iraq can you Imagine?
I couldn't help but think of the guys and gals over there in Iraq as I drove home with my heater cranked up and all snuggled in surrounded by warm Christmas Gifts from my loving family members and our nice holiday get-to-gether.

Ahhhh the life of Christmas Luxury. For me!
Peace in my personal world,
ahhhhhhhhh! So commmmffffyyyy!
But!..... So far, far a way a battle rages on! Even on Christmas Day!

My heart cries out for the toll of that which the battle insists that we all must pay. And we do pay!
... Christmas day in a worn torn invaded Nation, where there are cries in the night as I drive silently home in the darkness of My World.
I can hear those cries from 1,000 of miles away!
Cries as bullets settle softly into young bodies and old alike,
or miss there human mark entirely, and lay idle in the dust and dirt for many years as a reminder of what powerful nation can do if they allow their leaders to be abusive, and run wild and out of control. As a reminder that Death covers a land that asked for nothing.

And as I steer the car gently into the driveway safe at my home, I say, thinking out loud "I hope the soldiers get to come home soon too, and I hope that those lost and whom are aimlessly are wandering in the barren dessert and are 'now-homeless-families' that have loved ones dead or missing or who are kidnapped into US prison camps and are missing... can find some kind of peace or hope and a little warmth today too and that they can feel they are not, forgotten! . I hope there is a calm on the battle field that lasts as long as it humanly possibly can....
and Readers let's push for countries to love one another and put and end to this Imperialist Madness.

Christmas during war?

My newest update on Joe-Anybody.com is on the subject of Viet Nam, located on my
"WAR ROOM page Here "
With all due respect to a Veteran friend of mine I suggest you check out Joe's latest post on that War that rocked our World then, and today it seems to be So Now Forgotten!I just posted two short excerpt's from a new book by my friend/author Mike M, that is soon to be coming out. Based on his time in life, at a young age of 19 and being in the Viet Nam War
It is fitting and so timely that I offer you this link that he so kindly shared with me, which relates to today's war in so many ways.
Please enjoy and remember our Vetrans and Soldiers that trusted enough in their Leaders to fight for them & the "least we can do" is make our Government be Honest and Accountable in the first place and "To Keep War At A Mere Minimum At The Most - - -

.....Support Peace,
Support Our Troops And Let's Bring Them Home.
Stop Violence Against All Mankind Every Where
Promote Love Through Your Voice
By Standing Up to Oppression and Violence.

Merry Christmas Lets End This War Now!

********* 3 Christmas War Links ******

Look at this Christmas Story just coming out that happened almost months ago called Operation Steel Curtain, which began on Nov. 5, medical workers had recorded 97 civilians killed. At least 38 insurgents were also killed in the offensives's early days,in RAMADI, Iraq -- U.S. Marine air strikes targeting insurgents sheltering in Iraqi residential neighborhoods are killing civilians as well as guerrillas along the Euphrates River in far western Iraq, according to Iraqi townspeople and officials and the U.S. military
read more --> HERE


Complete Disaster
White Flags
Blown up houses
American and Iraqi Military Vehicles everywhere
Crumbling Rubble
......Read More Here!


Iraqi Doctors Beaten and Arrested in Haditha Hospital by American troops ? Huh?(read more --> RIGHT HERE! )

Sabah Ali (30/10/2005)

Dr. Walid Al-Obeidi, the director of Haditha General Hospital and Dr. Jamil Abdul Jabbar, the only surgeon in the Haditha area were arrested for a week, very badly beaten and threatened to face the same treatment in the future by the American Troops.

Dr.Walid said - "They arrested me in my house in front of my family, covered my eyes, and tied my hands to the back on Oct 5 2005 morning, during the last attack on Haditha (360 kilometers west of Baghdad). They (Americans) occupied the hospital for 8 days and made it their office. The first day they beat me on my eyes, nose, back, hands, legs... My face was covered with blood .When they removed the tie I could not see. They investigated me until the afternoon. I realized later that I was arrested in the hospital store. Then they tied my hands to the front, and left me for two days. I was moved then to the pharmacy department. They accused me of treating terrorists, and asked for their names.

I told them that I treat patients regardless of their identity, according to my oath as a doctor; even if they were national guards (which we actually I did) or American soldiers. And any way, if I do not want to treat the insurgents, I have no choice, because they were armed and masked. I would do anything they tell to do. Few days later, one of the soldiers came in the room, did not say anything, kicked me again on my face and left?.

Dr. Jamil, a surgeon for 20 years, was arrested and very badly beaten. When we met him, 22 days later, his face was still blue. His nose was broken, and a big opening in his head: ?They beat me on my eyes and nose, kicked me with boots under my chin. One of them threatened me if I do not talk after he counts to three, he would shoot me. He began counting, after three he turned the gun upside down and hit me on the back of my head. For days I could not move or see. They threatened us of abusing our families. For some reason they took my picture while I was bleeding, I could hear the camera click?.

Both doctors were threatened if they do not talk, they would receive the same treatment in the future. They were warned of passing any information of the arrest to the media. They were asked who wrote the hostile slogans against the American on the opposite wall of the hospital? What are the names of the insurgents they treated? and what are the bodies? pictures in the hospital computer?

Dr. Walid said he does not know who wrote on the wall outside the hospital, what the names of the insurgents are, because they were masked. He explained that the dead bodies? pictures were of unknown people whose bodies were found after the fighting. ?We can not keep these bodies forever; we do not have enough cold boxes. So, after two months, we take their pictures and bury them, so that whenever some one from their families comes to ask we show the pictures of the dead bodies?.

The UN, the international HR organizations, WHO, Doctors sans frontiers and all who it may concern are called upon to do some thing to help these, and other Iraqi doctors, and to prevent similar treatment in the future. Dr. Walid and Dr. Jamil believe that they may face the arrest and beating in the future. They demand that the American troops stop occupying the hospital and destroying it every time the attack Haditha. They also believe that the Iraqi authorities are incapable of protecting them.



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