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Tuesday, 20 December 2005
I SPY a President who is Spying on Me!
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I must first mention “I as in this particular, Joe Anybody,
I am not a Democrat
But I did read on the Democrats.org web page (HERE) that within the next 48 hours a person could sign on to a FOIA Request by Gov. Howard Dean.

According to reports, political appointees in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel wrote still-classified legal opinions laying out the supposed justification for this program.

Governor Howard Dean is filing a formal demand that they release these documents. You can add your name to a Freedom of Information Act request by the link provide above

The release of these documents that Bush mentioned, that say the NSA could eavesdrop on average citizens….. Looking of course for terrorists which according to GB was permissible due to his authority I would like to see what give him the right, to take my rights, and for him to spy on me?

Joe Anybody signed his name!
For all through what this countries founder fought so hard for, it was our Our Freedom!
There were times they to had to stand up and sign their names and times they had to fight. The odds that we would scrap all that for Bush Co is outlandish!

I am proud to stand up and challenge the spying on citizens.

Scuse me, but did we ditch the 4th amendment?

This spying issue is a core civil right issue!
And really folks, with all the spying they (BIG B!) already do, this doesn't shock me any.
I have realized since 911 there is much spying on Dissent and Protesters or religious groups, and especially them that are of a different skin color than the rulers in America.
It is scary to see the Big Brother Spy, The Black Mask Polie but it is Real & True.
I see the police filming every time anybody happens to yell “Booooo Their Lying To Us!”
Then --> Out-Pop the tripod SWAT film crew!
Intimidation? … Looking for Terrorists? Documenting Dissent?
Wasting Taxpayers Money! For what? For Who?

Yeah! Spying on al Qaeda is what Bush said he was doing!!!!!

But I bet, if these FIOA documents EVER get released they show some average Joe Anybodies are on them list.
Don’t forget the Oregon/Mayfield case and the botched secret spying on him.
He still is suing the government.


Give the gov't powers, and they will abuse them. It is inevitable. If sneaks and peaks are allowed, law enforcement will abuse that power. I say sneak and peeks should be illegal on constitutional grounds, and if that leads to a terror attack, so be it. For the 100th time, I can live with the threat of terror, I can't live with the threat of tyranny from my own govt.
(end quote....Taken From Here)

One of the several of the The Joint Terrorism Task Force biggest concerns to this Joe Anybody is the way the federal government can supersede city and state law, to harm, spy or jail citizens under this Homeland Security all encompassing Terror Protection Farce.
They Break The Sworn to Protect Constitution and call it part of a national secret/homeland security.

Remember the Power Of Nightmares?
Terror = Loss of Rights
Who Benefits?

Is the answer……. Neo-cons?

Posted by Joe Anybody at 11:12 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 21 December 2005 12:04 AM PST

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